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  • Guangzhou Ming hin building decoration engineering co., LTD is approved by national construction department audit, the company was founded in 2007, the registered capital of 10.1 million yuan, now has the architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade b, special grade b building decoration engineering design and construction engineering construction general contracting level 3, electronic and intelligent project specialized contracting grade b, building mechanical and electrical installation project specialized contracting grade 3, steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3 and urban landscaping enterprise qualification level 3 qualifications of construction enterprises. Company after 10 years of pioneering development, strong technical force, equipment, complete with all the engineering junior high school senior title of professional personnel more than 50 people, secondary registered construction engineer nearly 20 people. The company in 2008 passed the ISO9001:2008 version quality and construction specifications GB/T50430-2007, ISO14001:2004 environmental, GB/T28 001-2001 occupational health and safety integrated system certification. Continuously since 2009 was rated as \"heavy contract, keep promise\" and \"good credit enterprise of guangdong province\" the glorious title. Can provide customers with indoor and outdoor decoration, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, metal doors and Windows installation, electrical and water and electricity equipment installation, indoor water and electricity line, pipeline installation, construction engineering design (b) and its technical consultation, landscaping and other related business, business all over the country, in the construction output value over 100 million yuan. In the company leadership at all levels and all staff efforts, to leapfrog development speed to suit the needs of the construction of modernization, we have a clear strategic goals and the development of the grand blueprint, we have the confidence to build first-class construction enterprises, provides the sincere service for the general customers, the casting quality engineering, common pursuit of a more perfect and harmonious \"home\"!